Green Party

Terrence Fitzgerald for Baltimore City Council


For 60 years, only Democrats have been in the City Council. Now you can vote for change. Dr. Terrence Fitzgerald is the Baltimore Green Party candidate for City Council in District 5.

Dr. Fitzgerald’s positions:

  • Stop Slots at Pimlico.
  • Demand Transparency and Accountability in Government.
  • City Schools must receive more funding and more oversightólong term.
  • Focus on the Neighborhoods.
  • Work for massive expansion of drug treatment.
  • Properly fund the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • Our city cannot survive as it is now designed. To build a sustainable Baltimore, we must consider entirely new approaches to problems, such as: ∑ A dense network of bus routes which will truly serve our citizens and decrease use of cars in the city; ∑ Decentralized treatment of sewage.
  • The City Council must be more than a little legislature. Council members must be active advocates for our citizensóin City Hall, in Annapolis, in Washington.

November 2, vote for change:

Elect TERRENCE FITZGERALD, M.D. Baltimore Green Party candidate

for City Council, District 5