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What Products Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Everyone has an impact on the Earth. The carbon footprint is a person’s impact on the climate and ecosystem of the earth. There are many products that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Appliances can be purchased with an energy star rating so that they reduce the amount of energy you use.
You can buy light bulbs that are low energy. They last fifteen times longer and use 20 less energy. The best kind to buy is CFL light bulbs, however LED is also energy efficient.

If a vehicle uses diesel it can use biodiesel which is made from vegetable oil and will reduce your footprint.
Purchase a water filter for your tap water if yours is not safe to drink. This will prevent the purchase of bottled water which produces a high amount of garbage which increases your footprint.

If possible, grow your own produce. If not, purchase produce that is grown locally instead of shipped in.
Proper insulation of the home will help to reduce energy use because your heater will not have to turn on as often in the winter and the air conditioner will not have to be used as much during the summer months. Also insulating your water heater will make it more energy efficient.

The most important thing is to always think about what you are doing, and figure out ways to reduce your carbon footprint.