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Recent headlines/editorials: (last updated June 18, 2003)

Baltimore Indymedia:
Hopkins and Streuver present Charles Village development plans
The children left behind

Baltimore City Paper:

Green in the face
Year zero

Baltimore Sun:

Sniper probe leader Moose resigns
City remains violent even as crime drops 25 percent since ’99
Publicly owned slot sites weighed


The screwing of Cynthia McKinney
A road map for the Jewish people
What did he know and when did he know it?
U.S. reaches out to the Taliban
Supreme Court battle of a lifetime

Common Dreams:

Ford is a century old – and acting like it
WMDs and the psychology of fanaticism
Impeachable offense

Washington Post:

Court backs government on detainee secrecy
Phoenix bishop charged in fatal hit-and-run

Guardian, UK:

US captures leading Saddam aide
Heavy US hand fans Taliban embers
Iranians detained in Paris raids
US oilmen fight Blair on transparency

News Insider:

Inmates released from Guantanamo tell tales of despair
Government exaggerated Iraq threat, UK ex-ministers tell inquiry
CIA takes over hunt for illegal weapons
US occupation of Iraq recalls failure in Korea
The myth of private Jessica
Thinking for oneself in Bush’s America
The quest for peace in Liberia