Green Party

BGP Minutes 7/10/03

Facilitator: Marty Lefstein

Note-taker: Myles Hoenig

Orientation (Peter Grimes):  Focused on our role in the upcoming City-wide elections and on an overview of our political agenda.


Myles Hoenig had problems with the characterization of Mike Morrill’s part as a ‘monkey wrench’.  Rachel Markowitz concerned with the wording regarding co-sponsorship.  Others raised concerns that the word ‘we’ shouldn’t be construed as all.  Decided that after the meeting those with questions or clarifications would talk with Marcel Estevez (last meeting’s note taker) and the minutes would be revised and posted.

Statement: Rachel Markowitz

Need to stay positive. Last meeting was negative.  Raised it for discussion.  We are volunteers. It is something spiritual for us that hooks us into lots of activities.  Tension is increasing.  “We are all here for the same reason.” We’re into coalition building. We shouldn’t impose our views on others.  Be flexible.  No specific proposal offered.

Elissa-  Last meeting was not hostile but  tense.  Talk out problems on an individual basis. Suggested a retreat. 

Vince-  Talent and energy without producing results.  Open up future meetings for actions

Peter- We are limited in our resources so need to focus on the elections.  Need to resurrect our Policy’s committee.

Chuck-  hostility was there and we need(ed) a sergeant-at-arms

Rachel-  dynamic that affects efficiency needs to be addressed

Terry-  chaotic meeting. Good to address it now.

Fundraising:  Elissa Thomas

July 19th  302 E. Federal Street.  $7 ($5 for seniors and students). 

Brandon Welch spoken word performance:  “George Bush’s Nuts Redux.”

Recommended this as a good venue for campaigning

T-shirts are available for $15.  Water for sale

Publicity and Outreach:  Marcel Estevez

We have been tabling and clipboarding at events and at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Festivals coming up including Artscape

Need to meet soon to assess available support

Peter- candidates likely to be involved in tabling

Marty- check database for willing tablers

Roar of applause for Elissa’s hard work

Vince-  suggested we listen to talk radio and participate to gain legitimacy

Issues and Policy:  Vince

MCHA health care for all opposed single-payer.

We withhold our support

Teachers brought in to discuss school issues

Domino Sugar strike support.  Letter of thanks from the Union.

Lots of opportunities to discuss issues and brief candidates, attend hearings, etc.

Need coordinator of this committee.  Peter volunteered and will meet after this meeting to revive it.

Treasurer: Marty Lefstein

$550 available

Volunteers needed to help with upcoming events

Shirley- telemarketing worked for getting the word out to attend the Democracy Rising event

Leo- question about donating on the spot

Marty-  donations need to be recorded.

Questions about when a person has to be ID’d for contributions

Rachel-  paranoid about the Board of Elections trying to trip us up

We do have a receipt book but no written instructions available

State Report: Rachel, Myles

General Assembly held July 21

Speakers and guests: John Anderson (Ind. Candidate for President in ‘80) , John Eder, GP State delegate from Maine

Business: election of officers: Co-chairs Andrew Agostinelli  (PG Co) and Pat Cruz (Balto. Co)

Amount of $100 cap to elections not resolved due to not following procedures according to the by-laws.  An ad hoc committee is working to resolve this. Made up, in part, by Rachel, Myles, Mike, Pat, (representing the Baltimore area). All are welcome to be a part of it. Will continue to work on it at the State CC meeting when giving committee reports

By-laws: Chuck

All amendments have been posted. Chuck volunteers to chair the committee

Electoral: Vince Tola

Timeline provided

Priority endorsement based on timing

Ann-  skipped 5&6 deliberation. Accidentally omitted

Kelly- work with candidates about their endorsement needs

Chuck- why time lag between meeting and vote?  Have vote on general meeting process

Dave- deliberate and vote then

            Saying GP candidate implies endorsement.

Wording suggested: “I’m a GP candidate seeking its endorsement”

Myles-  asked about meet and greet.  No day for all to meet and  greet in the process offered.

Chuck-  agrees to voting very soon after deliberation. Give people a chance to sleep on it.  2 week delay is not good.

Peter- immediate vote of endorsement of Morning Sunday was too soon after her presentation. Too little time for deliberation.  Question of whether people should vote who haven’t heard the spiel.  (I’d spell that more phonetically!) Prefers paper balloting.

Rachel- skip the education meetings to focus entirely on the elections for the next 2 months.  Committee should make recommendations.

Victor-  wants consensus or unanimity.  Dissenters should state their views

Vince-  not all candidates will be endorsed by the 28th of August.

Ann-  2 week delay unless additional meetings are scheduled

Leo- same concern about immediate voting

Shirley- suggest (and adopted) that we meet every Thursday to hash it out

Chuck- do it quickly so it’ll build momentum. Dragging it out until November is too much.

Victor- only district residents should vote for their district nominee

Rachel- candidates should have a blurb so all can vote on him/her.

Peter- questionnaire  and response put on the web for all to see

Bernie- question about competition within a district

Kelly- notice given out for all who are serious to be a part of our process

Rachel- still unclear on how it’ll all work.  Explained the ballot access protest

Leo- being educated as a non-serious candidate

Dave- volunteers to coordinate with serious candidates about platform

Ann- use polity committee to strategize. Take advantage of the situation

Shirley-  when will frivolous candidates come out as frivolous?
Peter- contact will be/have been made to see who is serious or not

Terry- if frivolous candidates are not serious, they won’t respond.

Chuck- proposal

July 17th or 24th nominations’ meeting. Deliberate every week.  August 28th assembly for voting.

Andrew- meet every Thurs.  (Shirley’s previous suggestion) Seconded and moved. Starts next week.

Myles- those who are serious will clarify their intent

Rachel- State questionnaire available and needs to be filled out. (Made copies and handed them out)

Peter- need to reduce cost and paper.  Go with email and phone banking.

Leo- get it rolling next week and vote on the 24th of July for those who are serious.

Note taking stopped for the next 15 minutes.  Back and forth on an assortment of process, procedural and substantive questions.

  1. questionnaire
  2. platform/candidates
  3. when, how and who votes
  4. timeline
  5. how many appearances
  6. how many per session
  7. notify rank and file
  8. method of voting


  1. meet every week
  2. August 28th a target date
  3. early endorsements possible (3 are ready)
  4. questionnaire and bios received by July 24th
  5. Electoral Committee calling candidates
  6. EC will resolve the unresolved issues and bring it to the next meeting
  7. rolling voting
  8. EC will set calendar for meet, vote, etc. as they talk to candidates
  9. EC will finalize the questionnaire