Green Party

Citizens Planning and Housing Associaiton Thank you letter

August 14, 1990

Glenn L. Ross 509 N. Milton Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Glenn:

Thank you for your leadership, commitment and hard work. I wish you the best in your new position as Manager of the Community Resource Bank and am delighted that you will direct this important new collaborative effort.

You have been a tremendous asset to CPHA and I am happy that I will still be working with you through our involvement with the Bank. In your work with CPHA you provided such tremendous support and service to neighborhoods. You were always there for community leaders and gave new organizations the confidence and encouragement to start new projects. Your unselfish availability (at anytime of the day, night or week) gave community leaders the kind of secure support when they needed it the most.

I appreciate your leadership in organizing the first CPHA meeting to talk about recycling; your efforts to rid the neighborhoods of graffitti, your support of the billboard coalition; and your almost single handed effort to destroy every rat infestation in our neighborhoods.

You are a dedicated community leader and a very special person. You are motivated by a sincere desire to help people and this shows in all you do.

I will miss seeing you in the office, yet you will always be a part of CPHA. Thank you, Glenn for all you have given and good luck in all your endeavors.

Best regards,

Hathaway Ferebee
Executive Director