Green Party

Breaking the Disconnects

Many people say that there are invisible walls between neighborhoods. Too often neighborhoods are territorial, and they are not working collaboratively to address the problems that affect every neighborhood.

Community leaders need to communicate with each other. The problem of one community today will be the problem of the neighboring community tomorrow. The pollution in one community affects the water in another. Glenn Ross understands the importance of communication. As president of McElderry Park Neighborhood Association, Ross has been working to make connections with other communities.

The Southeast Stakeholders Coalition is a recent example of Glenn Ross’ efforts to break down barriers between neighborhoods, increase access to important information, and thereby empower citizens and communities by giving them a voice in decisions that affect them. As City Council member, Ross intends to extend these efforts throughout his entire district.

…Between Johns Hopkins and Communities

McElderry Park is next to Johns Hopkins Hospital. The interests of the hospital and the interests of the community do not always go hand in hand. Glenn Ross has worked with Hopkins to help it become a better neighbor.

…Between City Council and Communities

Once Glenn Ross is elected, he will break the disconnects between City Council and communities, by being accessible and reaching out to citizens and community leaders.