Green Party


Barry Seeks 2007 Baltimore Green Party Nomination
for Baltimore City Council District 3

1. Please describe your campaign goals and strategies. What specific objectives do you hope to accomplish in your campaign?

Objectives are obviously to win the council seat; build visibility and membership in the Green Party; raise important issues about the decisions and processes of the city Council.

2. Please list the top three issues of your campaign and your rationale for running on these issues.

Allocation of city funds to upscale areas instead of neighborhoods

Failure to improve city schools and to hold school board accountable

Failure to concentrate on economic development so that jobs are available

3. Are there areas of the Baltimore Green Party platform with which you particularly agree or disagree?

All agree.

If you want to meet or interview a candidate, or to volunteer to help on a campaign, please email [email protected] or telephone 410-662-8169.