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Baltimore Rising Information

Location: 1443 Gorsuch Avenue Baltimore Rising Call to Unite Baltimore Radicals against the Presidential Inauguration Meeting of affinity groups to support each other and share ideas. Building a cluster of Baltimore radicals for the January 20 Presidential Inauguration. Come out on Saturday, December 18, to represent the Baltimore radical community coming together against the Presidential Inauguration in January. We hope to see many faces of the Baltimore radical communty to meet and continue building links for local organizing. Progressive Action Center – 1443 Gorsuch Avenue -Baltimore – December 18 – 4 to 7 pm Drinks and snacks! Baltimore Rising Bush’s re-election promises to continue systemic attacks on women, people of color and queer communities, a dramatic increase in violence in the middle east, and our families sinking deeper into poverty. Now as always we need to see the faces of resistance our community in Baltimore nurtures; to support each other as we seek change to the disastrous path our “leaders” take us down. The Baltimore Rising Cluster’s goal is to mobilize Baltimore radicals disenfranchised and alienated by American “democracy” to attend the inaugural protests in Washington DC as a cluster of affinity groups. The overall goal of which would be building community here at home, watching each others back on the streets, and protecting unarrestables. The intent of this is not to form a new organization but to create space and means towards building community in Baltimore. We feel we can use the January 20th Inauguration demonstrations in DC to build community, connect struggles, and get to really know each other and provide support to one another. This cluster is also for people who feel frustrated and alienated by traditional radical left organizing. We are creating space to set realistic goals for this demo and not simply following formula with no end. Baltimore Rising seeks to confront Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Homophobia, and Heterosexism, towards destroying Empire and Capitalism. We seek to mobilize the radical community in Baltimore and work towards Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian alternatives towards empowering ourselves and our communities. PRO COMMUNITY