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Baltimore Green Party List Serve Mailing List


Baltimore Green Party List Serve Mailing List

The Baltimoregreens mailing list is an open list for purposes of disseminating and sharing relevant information pertaining to Green Party activities and issues. In the Greens philosopy and ethics of sharing, all messages are open for public review, and all messages and reply strings are archived and will eventually be available for review.

If you do not want to share information with all, please use your private email lists for disseminating your information and views. This may be necessary at times when disseminating politically sensitive information. However, remember that the internet itself is not secure and even private email messages can be intercepted. For truly politically sensitive information, it is recommended that you use the telehone or better yet, face to face communications.

The list is not moderated. What this means is that all messages are automatically posted without prior review by a moderator (there is no censorship). However, any user found to be abusing the list or other users will be disallowed from further posting messages. If you see any signs of abuse, please notify the list manager at [email protected]

To mail to everyone on the list simply address your email to [email protected]

All members must agree to the following rules and protocol concerning use of the list:

When subscribing or unsubscribing to the list serve, do not place any text in the subject line of your email program. Also do not add any additional text to the body of your message.

You can either use the following links to subscribe or unsubscribe or email a message to [email protected] with {subscribe bgpmail} in the body or {unsubscribe bgpmail} in the body. Don’t type the curly braces.

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