Green Party

Policital Biography

1. Please provide a biographical sketch of yourself.

2. The National Green Party Supports Clean Money Legislation, and supports full public funding of elections. In the interim to reaching this goal, would you be willing to accept a campaign donation limit (for individuals)? If so what would be your limit and why? Will you agree not to accept donations from corporations, unions, political acction committees and unincorporated companies?

3. What issues are unique to the district in which you will be running, and what are your proposals for dealing with those issues?

4. Please articulate any areas of the BGP platform with which you disagree.

5. If elected, what do you envision your relationship will be with the Baltimore Green Party?

6. Baltimore City is notorious for failing its citizens in terms of public education. Test scores, however, have improved in certain areas in recent years. Is Baltimore City on the right track in terms of improving education or should the City be doing something differently?

7. What is the most important issue to you relating to public health and the environment in Baltimore City?

8. What aspects of the current city budget are most wasteful, and would be the most likely to be cut if you were elected?

9. Baltimore City has a notoriously poor public transportation system, and the Maryland State Department of Transportation has recently decided to cut services and increase fares. How could your office be used to address this issue?

10. The current police chief has proposed a set of new iniatives which include stricter enforcement of loitering laws. What is your opinion of such initiatives? How can the police improve its crime-fighting tactics while preserving civil liberties, preventing racial and eliminating police brutality?

11. What effect does HUD and section 8 housing have on neighborhoods? How should the City balance its need for low-income housing with efforts to develop neighborhoods, strengthen property values, and increase the tax base?

12. Would you be willing to sponsor legislation which gives domestic partner benefits to employees?

13. Land development is a controversial issue in Baltimore City, as it is in most distressed cities. What are your views on land use and development?

14. What is your opinion of of the privatization of city jobs? Explain.

If City employees are not forced to perform their job descriptions as ordered first, then maybe privatization is the way.