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Zoning Docket

The following are recent applica­tions for zoning appeals, listed by submission date.
June 9th.

4623/25 Bowleys Lane. A funeral home at the location wants to add a chapel and a garage. However, as reported in the last Zoning Docket, the Lion of Judah Worship Ministries claims that this properly is a vacant convenience store and wishes to turn it into a 100 seat church with off- street parking.

1455 Towson Street. Home owner Shawn McHale wants to add a two- story addition of his house. He noted that some of his neighbors had built additions, and that his family needed a third bedroom.

June 8th
515 Umbra Street. Home owner Anthony Boias wants to put a barber­shop into the basement of his O’Donnell Heights home, and install 2’ by 4’ signs on the front and rear walls.

June 7th
3610 Lombard Street. Gimelcie Inovoa wants to convert the rowhouse into two apartments.

June 4th
2500 Larryvale Road. Elliot Larson wants to install a 11’ by 25’ wood deck on the south side of his Mount Washington home.
NW Comer of Holabird Avenue and Rappolla Street. Canton Railroad Company wants to erect a 110’high advertising bill­board to overlook Highway 895 in the O’Donnell Heights neighborhood, a stone’s throw from Boias’ barber shop. The sign itself would be illumi­nated and 14’ by 48’.

The following are selection of cases to be heard at the next zoning appeals hearing, on June 22nd.

915 Fawn Street. A third floor addition.

1410 Bush Street. 10,000 square feet to be used for office space.

19-25 East Preston Street. Convert buildings into 8 dwelling units.

3730 Edmonson Avenue. Use rear of premise as non-profit club.

4000/16 Reistertown Road. Install a 8’ high fence around perimeter of property.

2301 West Baltimore Street. Use 2nd floor as a tavern with live enter­tainment and dancing.

2300 Barclay Street. Use 1st floor as a beauty saloon.

224 S. Broadway. Use 1st floor as cany-out restaurant.

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