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What Companies Are The Most Environmentally Friendly

The environmentally friendly movement has captured mainstream attention over the past decade. As more consumers hold green practices in high regard, more companies are making the change to attract these Eco-friendly consumers. through changing the manufacturing processes for their products, to implementing new packaging that is biodegradable, there are many unique ways that companies are making the shift. Below are some of the most popular Eco-friendly companies.


Nokia is one of the first companies to make the shift from PVC based plastics to more Eco-friendly materials.I was looking for more information and found it here. PVC, better known as polyvinyl chloride, is known to give off toxic gases over-time that is both bad for the people who are around it, as well as the environment in general.


Sony has drastically changed the way they manufacture their products. They have implemented new Eco-friendly methods that reduce carbon emissions in their facilities and have reduced the amount of natural resources they consume on an annual basis.


Unilever is a top manufacturer of household cleaners and cosmetics. They have set the bar for providing consumers with natural products over products manufactured with artificial materials. Due to this fact, more companies are turning their focus to producing cleaners and cosmetics that are not only safer for human use, but better for the environment as well.