Green Party

Why affiliate Green


1. Greens don’t accept money from corporations and limit the amount individuals can give. Individual citizen support is the foundation of the Green Party.

2. If the Greens reach 1 % of registered voters in Maryland, the candidates we choose at our meetings will be on the ballot without having to collect petition signatures.

3. If you agree with what the Green Party is trying to do, then right now changing your party affiliation is more important than voting. It’s a paradigm switch. When you vote, your vote disappears right after the election. Party affiliation is lasting and cumulative.

When you vote there is no way of verifying whether your vote was actually counted, especially with computerized systems like that of Baltimore City’s. You can be sure that your party affiliation is counted in the registration totals because the information is available to the public.

4. As more people register with the Green Party, the media and other political parties will have to stop marginalizing the Green Party and take us and the issues we raise more seriously. The state board of elections puts out a report each month of how many are registered with each party for all to see. It’s like a continuous vote or snapshot of public opinion. Right now, without ballot status, affiliating Green is the only way to ‘vote’ Green. And people can do it at any time. Manual pdf It’s like a continuous election. Party affiliation is the closest thing we have to proportional representation in the United States.

5. Reaching the 1 % goal will be a historic accomplishment. Manual pdf We will be the first party in Maryland in several decades other than the Republicans and Democrats who have ballot status.

6. When you affiliate as Independent or decline to join a party, it’s like not taking a stand or not having your voice heard. The powerful corporate and wealthy interests are very organized; we need to join together to have a chance. Manual pdf Do you consider your party affiliation part of your identity, or a strategic decision to further certain objectives?

7. Some people say, “I vote for the person, not the party.” Well that’s fine limited to the two major corporate-sponsored parties whose positions have blurred, but the Greens are fundamentally different.

register green!
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