Green Party

The Missing Letters

by Benjamin Lefstein, Assistant Webmaster

I was looking through Glenn Ross’ papers for good material for the website, and I ran across what I thought would be wonderful testimonials: letters of support and thanks from people who had worked with him in the past, some of whom were still working with him. Before I put them up on the website, however, I thought it would be a good idea, as a matter of courtesy, to ask the authors for permission to use them. Since they were such glowing letters, I did not expect anybody to say no. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Representatives of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Civic Works did not want the letters used. Why? Because they receive funding from Democrats, and they fear a backlash. If it was just one organization, I might suspect paranoia. But it’s more than just one. Apparently, the representatives of two well-respected Baltimore non-profit organizations feel that this is how funding works in Baltimore- it’s based not on what kind of work you do, but on whether you are quoted in support of a Green candidate. We weren’t even asking for a statement in support of his candidacy! All we wanted to do was use letters that they had already written, explaining how they had worked with Glenn Ross and describing his qualities. Maybe they are being paranoid, but the fact that they even think this tells me that we need to, as Glenn puts it, “Change the Game”!