Green Party

Seven Cheap Ways To Save Money Going Green

When people talk about going green they often mention hybrid cars, and installing solar panels. However, there are several ways to go green on the cheap that will make a major impact on both their personal finances and the health of the planet.

1. Change those light bulbs!

Did you know that LED light bulbs do not burn hot, last four times longer than other types of lighting, require less than half of the energy needed to run at similar luminescence, and do not hurt the eyes?

2. Turn off your lights when not in use!

This is an age old “green” practice that doubles as a finance saving action. Simply turning off anything that uses electricity when you are not using it, will lower your electric bill and allow you to cut back on the resource tapping needed to power your home or office.

3. Make your own coffee.

This might not seem like a “green” money saving option. However, when you make coffee at home you are not spending nearly as much money. You also do not contribute to the upkeep of businesses that sell coffee. Your car does not idle in a drive through lane, either.

4. Grow your own vegetables!

A few bulbs or seeds do not cost much, but they can yield a lot of produce. Even a windowsill planter or one of those upside down tomato planters that you can hang will provide fresh vegetables for very little money.

5. Have your vehicle regularly serviced.

Simply maintaining your vehicle at optimal levels will cut down greatly on carbon emissions, fuel costs, and similar items. While the cost of a tune-up can vary greatly, the savings in fuel economy and the life of the vehicle are staggering.

6. Exchange old appliances for new ones!

If you need to buy a new home appliance or water heater purchase one that is Energy Star approved. This will drastically cut down on the electricity it uses.

7. Make sure your home is energy efficient.

Simple repairs to the seals on your windows will greatly reduce the energy needed to heat and cool your home. This saves both the environment and your money!