Green Party

Myles Hoenig for Baltimore City Council

  September 24, 2004   Dear Mr. Auchincloss,   Please reject the proposed TIF legislation for the Charles Village parking garage.   This Streuver Bros project will happen regardless of whether it receives City funding or not. It is inexcusable for the City to continually throw money at developers through TIF’s, PILOT’s, and tax amnesties while increasing the tax burden on the rest of the city residents. TIF’s are the newest form of corporate welfare that cities throughout America are considering. Though they were intended for the small business owner there is no definitive study yet as to how successful they are or not. Manual pdf   The proposal to build a 409-space public parking garage will only encourage excessive traffic problems and increased pollution in the area, already suffering from overload. Will this proposed garage require a charge for use, as well? That possibility should negate any reason whatsoever to throw any of our City money at it.   Thank you for considering my position.   Myles Hoenig   cc: Otis Rolley

      Dominic Wicker, SBER

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