Green Party

Myles Hoenig for Baltimore City Council

by Myles B. Hoenig
Green Party Candidate

In 2002, 60% of the district voted for a break from ‘politics as usual’ by breaking up Council districts through Question P. I helped push for this reform. The opposition by the Democratic Party establishment and my opponent in the 14th shows how out of step they are with the people’s concerns.

Providing the kind of constituent service required of Council members has been routine for me as a neighborhood president for 6 years. Another (unique) qualification I have is the backbone to stand up to powerful interests like slumlords, developers and their lobbyists, and private institutions. Unlike my opponent, I refuse their campaign contributions and in doing so prove that I serve community — not special — interests. That is why I stand with residents of Woodberry and Remington (14th D) in their struggles against dangerous and unwelcome developments out of harmony with the community.

As a very active member of the Baltimore Teachers’ Union, I know the schools’ problems from the inside. To hold the school board and administrators accountable, the City needs both a representative school board with elected members and a watchdog group comprised of citizens, parents, and educators.

The Council regularly gives tax breaks (and amnesties) to friends and special interests, and we foot the bill. The Council undervalues our parks and open space and forgets why people like to live here.

The 14th needs new ideas. The 14th needs a new face who has served his community and city well. The 14th needs a regime change.