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Cigar Landmark to Open Scotch Bar

Night Club Operator Returns to Downtown Location

Fader & Sons, the longstand­ing downtown tobacco shop, received approval yesterday

to open an upscale cigar bar in conjunction with their shop. The new shop will open at 12 s. Calvert Street in September. The shop will vacate its Baltimore Street location.

According to proprietor Michael Goeller, the new store will still sell cigars, but its crowning jewel will be its accouterments for an executive clientele. He talked of a walk-in humi­dor “nearly the size of the old store”, overstuffed leather chairs, butler ser­vice, and a smoking lounge. At the bar, single-malt scotches and fine cognacs will be offered. Goeller termed his plans as “luxurious” and “grand.”

The targeted clientele would be upscale and professional. To serve < that audience, conference rooms designed with wine cellars motifs will be offered, along with all the media gewgaws today’s executives appar­ently demand.
Former co-owner of the notorious Club Indigo is going into the restau­rant business. Calling the new venture a jazz club, John Anderson, Jr. has purchased the Light House Restaurant, west of the downtown Omni Hotel.

Central Police District opposed the transfer of the entertainment provi­sion of the liquor license. However, the police officer present, Sgt. Leonard Willis, was a stand-in and had no knowledge of Club Indigo’s history of violence and code viola­tions. Since the sergeant had nd spe­cific evidence, he was not allowed to speak to the issues. The transfer was । approved, with a proviso that there would be no dancing and that the band have no more than three pieces.

Several area restaurants also obtained liquor licenses: Cobblestone Cafe on Water Street, Webster’s Bar and Grill in Canton, and Cup of Gold in South Baltimore. All the licenses were contested at the hearing by small groups of locals and area mer­chants, largely on parking and noise issues.

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