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Baltimore Photographer Wins Pulitzer

Roberto Borea found himself the focus of his subjects yester­day. When word of his Pulitzer reached Annapolis, Borea received a standing ovation from the state senators whom, a moment before, he had been pho­tographing for the Associated Press.

The winning photograph was one in a series of photographs surrounding the Lewinsky fiasco.

“The only thing unique [about the photograph] was it was my first time on a White House assignment,” Borea said politely. “I wish I could say it was planned, but it was just the way it came together.”

The photograph in question had already won a national Headliner Award.

Borea took the photograph on the White House’s South Lawn on August 18th, the day follow­ing President Clinton’s acknowl­edgement of the Lewinsky affair. The photographers had been kept in the press room until “the very last moment,” Borea continued, “they opened up the doors, and we all ran out to the south lawn and took positions behind the velvet rope. I was lucky.”

Borea also covered the Orioles’ historic Cuban trip and this years’ spring training.

Regarding Cuba, he vouches for their rum and cautions against the zealous United States Customs Officers.

in the Baltimore area for the past four years. He has also worked in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and New York.

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