Baltimore Green Party Community Calendar – 12 pm Action at Meetings of IMF & World Bank in DC Information

from Saturday, April 16 – ACTION AT THE MEETINGS OF THE IMF AND WORLD BANK! Noon rally at Murrow Park, 18th and H Streets NW (across from the World Bank). We will gather in front of the World Bank with puppets, banners, and all manner of construction gear to build a better world! The rally will kick off with music and then the inspection team will tell us if the G-7 and World Bank have met our demands. If they haven’t, we will reject their bankrupt model of “development” and symbolically tear down the failed system that they uphold. At 1:00 we will turn our backs on the G-7, World Bank and IMF and march to Dupont Circle accompanied by puppets and high-energy music. We will march around the circle and will enter Dupont Park. From 2:00 to 4:00 we will celebrate our vision of a better world with music, poetry and creative education. Come get inspired and have fun!

We have obtained legal permits for the march and the rallies at Murrow Park and Dupont Circle. For a complete description of the march route, go to the Accessibility page (