Baltimore Green Party Community Calendar – 10a Glenn Ross hearing Court of Appeals, Annapolis Information

Help Glenn L. Ross stand up for all of us! This Wednesday, March 9th a very important case will be heard by the highest court in Maryland. Glenn Ross, the former Green Party candidate for the Baltimore City Council, filed suit against the Maryland Board of Elections for allowing his opponent, Paula Johnson Branch, to be on the ballot in violation of state law. Ms. Branch’s campaign was delinquent on a number of campaign finance reports, and according to a commonsense reading of the law, should never have been allowed on the ballot. Details on this are available at

You can help – funds are very much needed to cover legal fees and court costs. As a Green, Glenn has no corporate sponsors or big money donors . We’re counting on the support of concerned citizens who care about the integrity of the democratic process to make this effort a success. Any amount will be welcome. Please call (410) 366-0894 for details. For anyone able to attend the hearing, it will be at the Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building, 361 Rowe Blvd, in Annapolis. Court convenes at 10:00 a.m. and we expect Glenn’s case to be heard shortly thereafter. For directions, go to . Anyone coming from Baltimore who wants to carpool, call (410) 662-8169. In filing this suit and taking it all the way to the Court of Appeals, Glenn is fighting for all of us who think the laws matter and that they should apply equally to all. It is also a battle against single-party rule in Baltimore and the corrupting influence of money on politics. This case will show that the Green Party is here to stay, and that we will not be marginalized.

Look for an update on the case on the Baltimore Green Party website.