Area Reservoir Depleted

A principal water reservoir for the city is in danger of being depleted. Steve Blatterman, the watershed manager for Loch Raven and the Liberty Dam, acknowledged the situation, stating that he anticipated an emergency “ban on public water use.”

Drought conditions have enveloped much of the region for the past month, and long- range forecasts are not predict­ing enough rain to correct the problem. According to the Loch Raven resident who notified the press of the problem, the reservoir’s water level has noticeably receded. Blatterman agreed, adding that the reduction is occurring very early in the summer season.

As to when a water ban would be declared, Blatterman believed “an edict from city hall” was “not far away.” Residents in the affected regions would receive a written notice from the Department of Pubic Works if a ban is instituted. The Mayor’s Office could not be reached for com­ment.

On June 1st, Carroll County declared a ban on outdoor water use in its most populated region, which includes Sykesville, as it had done previously in 1997.

Baltimore City, on the other hand, has not had a water shortage in the past two decades. In the event of a cri­sis, the city has water rights to the Susquehanna River, although they have

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